vaughn-Rian st. James (von-Ryan)


Hair Color: BlackHeight: 5’ 9”Gender: Female Eyes: Charcoal Vocal: Tenor


DABLOCKONLINE  (Currently)    Sarge BB    Teddy Hayes

Son of Morning (2010)    Disciple    Yaniz Raz

Christmas In Miami (2007)    Tourist    Neri Parenti

Hiding Victoria (2007)    Big Sue’s Crony    Dan Chinander

1 Annukai (2004)    Detective    Jaguar Films

The Conformist (2004)    Lotus    Detfans Prods.

4 Family your Welcome (2003)    Nurse    Genuine Studios

Someone Like Us (2003)    Gothic Chic    Glow Prods.


Music Video (2006)    Video: “Been there done that”     (Columbia R. affiliate)

1400 AM (2005)    Chicks on Sports    “Hoss the Boss”

Fox News Segment (2003)    “Living it up”     WPFL


Jelly Belly (2011)     Jelly Belly    (Teddy Harrell, Jr)

In Darfur (2009)     Hamida/Jan (Supporting)    The Mosaic (Richard Simon)

Evening with Black Artists (2009)    Feature    Palm Beach Performing Arts

Graceland/Asleep on the wind (2008)    Rootie (Lead)    Tamarac Theater

Othello (2006-2007)    Othello (Lead)    Broward Center/Kravis Center

The Sunshine Boys (2007)    Nurse O’Neil    New Vista Theater

Emperor’s New Clothes (2006)    Much (Lead)    Behind the Curtain

The Little Match Girl (2006)    Hildy (Lead)    Behind the Curtain

Grooms Ghost (2005)    Madame Morovia(Lead)    TTI

The Miracle Worker (2005)    Viney (Supporting)    Mary Anne Wolf Theater

The Zoo Story (2004)    Peter/Patricia (Lead)    Hollywood Playhouse

Elegies and Angels (2004)    Bertha (Feature)    The Mosaic Theater (Jim Usher)

Special Skills: Weapons TRAINING, Dance: Salsa, Meringue, Cha Cha, Freestyle is “off the chain” Gender Bending, Zany Characters, Bilingual Spanish (Intermediate), Drums, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Football(Ex.Pro.) Billiards andExcellent Swimmer.

Accents: British, Cockney, All Southern States, Latina, Gangster/ghetto, African/Zinghawa

Additional Information: BA from Florida International University, Graduated from The Conservatory at the Acting School of Hollywood, Theatrical and Stage combat training with Eric Miranda (Stunt coordinator for Transporter 2), Voice training with Dr. Miriam Arman (Author of The Voice).